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SSITEDI, established in the year 2010. Being an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company we at ssitedi has offer Professional Engineering Course to the professional who want to excel in their career. SSITEDI has designed professional Courses which are a combination of theory, latest industrial practices and practical sessions. Syllabus covered in the Courses offer by us is exactly as per the global standards as well as latest working requirements of various engineering companies. To know more about our Courses, we can write us at contact@ssitedi.com.

Why Choose Us

Online Courses

These courses not only give you the privilege to get education in your comfortable surroundings but they also give you the chance of staying closer to knowledge at all times. When you are working as a professional or you are already uptight with multiple courses and you don’t have any extra time to spare these online course can definitely turn into a blessing for you.

Expert Training

Since knowledge is something that stays with you for a life time, it should definitely be taught by someone who is a learned professional fully packed with the qualifications. Expert training is basically getting training from the someone who is a master in the subject and will teach you the inside out of your desired subject in the most effective way.

Skill Development

Like said knowledge should have a perfect medium for a smooth sailing. Education alone will not provide you a better future especially in this techno era you will have to brush up your skills too. with our skill development training you will have an all-rounder personality at the end of the day.

Online Course

Latest Batches

Technical Design Course

Technical transformer Design Course Starting Date 16th March 2019

HVAC Design Course

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems Design Course Starting Date: 16th March 2019

Automation Design Course

Automation and Instrumentation Design Course starting : 16th March 2019

Short Term Course

Special Short term Courses for Summer training students with hands on Major Electrical project

What our Student's say

  • Training Contents are excellent from practical design point of view. Knowledgeable faculties sharing their immense industrial experiences. The Training program has helped me increase my knowledge & confidence.
    Neha Pandey
    Batch No.06045, Electrical System Design Course
  • The Training Program is completely based on industrial practices. Faculty is amazing. The Training Program has imparted positive attitude in me. I have developed my confidence & ready to face interviews.
    Batch No.06055, Solar and Electrical Design Course
  • Excellent Training Program. I developed my knowledge & skills required to work in industry. I am now able to design any equipment using relevant Design and working in dubai.
    Hasim k.M
    Batch No.02040, Solar power Plant Design Course
  • The Training Contents are good. More emphasis is towards practical knowledge. I realized increased confidence level in me.
    Ranjan Sharma
    Batch No.02040, Electrical System Design Course
  • Training contents are beneficial in improving practical knowledge. Faculties have vast industrial experience. Training Program have taught me to think in broader spectrum & build confidence.
    Ravinder Singh
    Batch No.02041,Electrical System Design Course
  • Training Program was a wonderful experience. Faculties are very punctual & completely dedicated in imparting their valuable knowledge.
    Imam Batch No.02041, Solar Power Plant Design Course
  • Excellent Training Program fulfilling expected training contents. Experienced faculty sharing their industry wisdoms. I am now able to face interview confidently.
    Ngawang Chonjor
    Batch No.09033, Electrical System Design
  • The Training contents included are good with excellent faculty sharing their industrial experiences. The Training Program has broaden my way of thinking & explore new ideas.
    T.N. Satyanarayana
    Batch No.09033,Solar Power Plant design course